BackWater Valve

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Protect Your Home From Flooding

We specialize in protecting internal fixtures and external features from flood water. Through careful selection and application of available technology we can greatly reduce your homes flood risk.

Our basement waterproofing services include:
  • Interior Basement Waterproofing
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Interior & Exterior Backwater Valves

BackWater Valve

Sewer systems are typically gravity based and flow through to a wastewater treatment plant. When a sudden heavy rainstorm flushes debris into mainline storm sewers and sanitary sewers, sewers can backup into homes and businesses. When these two types of sewer systems are overwhelmed, sewage will back up. Tree roots or grease in a home’s sewer lines can also lead to backups.

A mainline backwater valve can help prevent sewage in an overloaded main sewer line from backing up into your basement. Placed directly into the sewer lateral in your basement, the valve automatically closes if sewage backs up from the main sewer.

It is important to note that homes located in particularly dense neighbourhoods and properties in low-lying areas may be particularly prone to sewer backup, since these areas tend to be more reliant on the sewer networks operation for proper drainage.

Benefits of Installing a Back-Water Valve:

  • Preventing water and sewage from flooding your home
  • Receiving rebates from municipalities for installing one
  • Receiving discounts from insurance companies
  • Saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars on potential flood repairs
  • Preventing an interruption to your home’s plumbing services

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